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stm32 I2c no kommunikation

Question asked by h.s on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2014 by wier.marta
i try to let two stm32 Boards set all 2 seconds  a few bytes on the general call bus (0x00). Every board allone is doing his job, but when i put them together at the bus, there is nothing going on the I2C bus. First SDA and SDL stuck both at high, and after a little second SCL is going down and stay forever at low.
I am using the stm libs fom an2824 (the optimized i2c example). It is attached.
For  initialization I am using the I2C_LowLevel_Init() funktion to init I2C2 with the I2C speed 400khz. for Transmitting i am using the  I2C_Master_BufferWrite() funktion of the attached file.
Does anyone had the same Problem?