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DCMI Issues, looking for insight.

Question asked by h.brad on Nov 7, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2013 by kocsis.jeno
Hello everyone,

I have had a couple porblems resolved by sharing with the community here. I am now moving into the toughest part of my project. I am incorporating a Micron VGA CMOS Digital Image Sensor that I have previously had working on an 8051 through an Altera FPGA chip.

The image sensor only put out intersperesed 8 bit serial LVDS so I have it going through a de-serializer and all the signals look perfectly fine as expected. I have 1 byte of data the Pixel clock and H and V Syncs all wired into the STM3220g eval board, which has the F207IG on board.

Now that the quick introduction is out of the way. Let me get started out with what I am seeing. I have DMA setup to transfer a picture into SRAM and this is happening, except for the fact that all my image data is exactly the same. The DMA is transferring 0x04040404 into memory as that is all that is put in the data register. I know this is not all the data that the camera is putting out as it I have it setup in test mode putting out a grayscale image. I know that it is seeing something from the camera though as it is not getting anythign in the data register when i disconnect the camera.

I do notice some discrepencies between the memory map file and the reference manual from what I am actually seeing in the DCMI_SR. In Crossworks Studio I am seeing:

Where in the reference manual it is showing:

Has anyone else noticed these differences or know what the CECS,SECS, CEIS, SEIS may stand for?

The DRDY, CECS, and SECS flags are the onse being set. When DRDY is set so is CECS, and SECS is reset. When SECS is set, DRDY and CECS are reset.

Regarding my issue, I know I really didn't address with a question as I am a bit confused still with working with this DCMI. I will at keep everyone posted on my progress.

Please if you have any experience using DCMI and are willing to share I am willing to read!