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USB On the Go Host and Device Library- Host MSC problem

Question asked by s_p_rao.v_r_k on Oct 25, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2011 by hisk.bich
We are using STM32f205 processor. We are trying to run the MSC example in Host mode. The PHY selcted was internal FS with HS core. The LCD log is diverted to UART. When we we insert the thumb drive in the USB connector all outputs as given in the example appear on UART( Hyper terminal) till sector size 512. When the exmple enters  "Explore_Disk("0:/", 1);" function. It loops. Afetr analysis of ISRs and USB host functions. We realized that the the ISR is detecting  DTERR in HCINTx register. It is always happening while reading sector zero of the thumb drive ( MBR).
We are eagerly looking forward to solution to get over this problem

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