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Migrating firmware code from STM32F107 to STM32F207 microcontroller

Question asked by trivedi.vikram on Oct 24, 2011
I am working on USB HID communication project where I am transferring n bytes of data from host(computer application) to device(microcontroller). I am currently working on STM32F107 series of microcontroller. But my project requires my to migrate on STM32F207 series of microcontroller for Full Speed application of USB.
I tried to port the same code on the STM3220G-EVAL board but now after compiling the program the host does not recognize the device. So I added some source files to the project related to STM32F207 series microcontroller.
However now it does not compile even and gives errors.
Can someone help to let me know what changes are need to be done when migrating the code from one microcontroller to other series of microcontroller.
I have even gone through the manual available on website but did not understand anything.