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USB HID communication

Question asked by trivedi.vikram on Oct 18, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2014 by Beh

I am working on the USB HID communication where I am trying to send 1K bytes of data from host to device. I am using the ST32F107V microcontroller and teh board used is STM3210C-EVAL.
I am able to send 64 bytes at a go by changing the size of max lenght in the usb_desc.c file and also the value of max_lenght to 64 in the function OTG_DEV_EP_Init() in the usb_prop.c.

My query is that i am not able to increase the size of transfer beyond 64.
Are there any other fucntions or registers apart from the above mentioned that need to be changed for the application.
I also studied the reference manual of the ST M3 microcontroller to check if there are any registers specifically defined for USB.
However did not succeed in finding any.
Also one more query is : by changing the value of OTG_FS_GRXFSIZ does the generation of interrupt changes?