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Impossible to record/capture from the MEMS microphones

Question asked by erenfeld.david on Apr 16, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by senkul.fatih

I've bought "steval-mki126v1" and "steval-mki138v1" evaluation boards (and "Microphone Coupon Board steval-mki129v1") .
My goal is only to RECORD the signals coming to each microphone/channel (produce a WAV files).

1) When I use APWorkbench on "steval-mki138v1", try to record (pressing on "start"), the next pop-up message shows: mmioOpen:- 2147467259, prevent me to produce the WAV files.
2) Using APWorkbench on "steval-mki129v1" (via steval-mki138v1 and USB connector), don't give option to capture/record any channel to audio file, how can I get those data?

Thanks a lot