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FSMC and NOR memory configuration

Question asked by stefanoni.samuele on Oct 14, 2011
Dear all,
I''m facing some problems with FSMC configuration. I've STM32F103ZE connected with M29W640GT NOR async non multiplexed flash external memory.
I've already read AN2784 and studied STM32F10xxx firmware library NOR example. Memory is connected through PG9 pin (chip enable 2), so is working on region 2 of bank 1.
BYTE signal is friven low, so is working in 8 bit mode. Here's my configuration

     GPIOG_CRH = 0x444444F4; //"4" is default state input floating, PG9 is chip enable so is configured "F" (alternate function, output open-drain)
    GPIOG_CRL = 0x44BBBBBB; //"B" is alternate function push-pull (as recomanded in reference manual)
    GPIOF_CRH = 0xBBBB4444;
    GPIOE_CRL = 0xBBBBB444;
    GPIOE_CRH = 0x44444BBB;
    GPIOD_CRL = 0xB4BB44BB;
    GPIOD_CRH = 0xBBBBB444;
    GPIOC_CRH = 0x44443444; //"3" is analog mode output push-pull
    GPIOC_BSRR = 0x800;     //PC11 is flash reset protect signal, driven always high.
    RCC_AHBENR = 0x00000114;//enable clock on FSMC module
    FSMC_BCR2 = 0x000000C9; //FACCEN=1, MWID=8 bit, MTYP=NOR, MUXEN=nonmultiplexed, MBKEN=1.
    //FSMC_BTR2 = 0x1FFF05F0; //commented because reset value has most relaxed time constraints.

Am I failing or missing some setting? Your help will be greatly appreciated,