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STM32F10xxx Flash over writing/programming

Question asked by volke.viktr on Oct 12, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2011 by Clive One

Hi, I need to reset individual bits in already written word/byte in the on-chip flash (from 0x0800 0000). The problem is that according to Programming manual PM0075 (STM32F10xxx Flash memory microcontrollers) :

Flash program and erase controller (FPEC) preliminarily reads the value at the addressed main Flash memory location and checks that it has been erased.  If not, the program operation is skipped and a warning is issued by the PGERR
PGERR: Programming error - Set by hardware when an address to be programmed contains a value different from'0xFFFF' before programming.

How can I write let’s say 0xF1 and later overwrite it by 0x01 or 0xF0 without emptying a flash memory page/block before?