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I2S3_CK signal - problem with connection to stm32

Question asked by krok.krzysztof on Oct 10, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2012 by krok.krzysztof
I am working on stm32f217 144pins.
I try to connect signal I2S3_SCK to stm32 but all two pins (pin nr 111 and pin nr 133) which provide this connection are used by other peripherials.These pins share functionality with JTAG and SD card. Apart from use two I2S ports for audio stream I would like to connect JTAG and SD card to stm32. The problem is, that only possible connection SDIO_D2 signal to stm32  is by pin 111, and only possible connection JTD0 signal to stm32 is by pin 133. So, in my case I don't have free pin to connect I2S3_SCK signal. So I have a question, how can I manage to connect all three signals to stm32?
Please help me.