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Huge STM32 Flash Loader Demonstrator 2.4.0 issue

Question asked by persialainen.kermes on Oct 6, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2011 by Clive One
Hello everyone,

I just received a STM32100E-EVAL board and wanted to download software to it with freshly installed STM32 Flash Loader Demonstrator version 2.4.0. Previously I had some 2.x version but wanted to upgrade in case it did not support the STM32F100ZE chip. The 2.4.0 version did get a response from the F100ZE chip, but shows red traffic lights and the only button to push there is the remove protection button, which does not work.

I first thought it is a problem with the F100ZE, but I cannot continue from there. The 2.4.0 loader does not work with any other board we have, with different STM32 microcontrollers, I cannot see anything else than red traffic lights.

I have tried this on two different Vista laptops, with and with two different USB to RS232 serial adapters.

It does seem that on a third laptop that has a real RS232 serial port and running the Flash Loader 2.2.0 can program the F100ZE on Win XP.

So, any suggestions? Is this a known bug? Can I download older versions that *do* work?