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TDA7375V current limiter?

Question asked by almeida.daniel on Dec 23, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2013 by almeida.daniel
Good night,
I've mounted a TDA7375V power amplifier on a breadboard with a 3ºC/W heatsink, and with a 16.5V/4A power suplly, the amplifier is in bridge configuration and driving 6 ohm speakers, the circuit is similar to the circuit available in the datasheet but has 1uF input capacitors, 100uF SVR and 2000uF/100nF as rail capacitors. The amplifier as a preamplifier and the signal ground is connected to this ground path, the power supply is the same. The regulators are one for TDA7375V and the other one for the preamplifier. When the amplifier is at high volumes, and the output is clipping the amplifier switches on and off very quickly making very strange noises, can this be current limiting, with 6 ohm speakers? Without the preamplifier and with the suggested circuit the same happens even with other power supplies.
Thank you very much for your atention,
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Daniel Almeida