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Using 5 UARTs at the same time

Question asked by prinster.jim on Sep 30, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2011 by Andrew Neil
I am using an STM32F103ZE but could switch to a different model.
I need to have all five UARTs running at the same time to receive data from different peripherals.  Originally I was thinking of having 5 ISRs to handle the incoming data on a single byte basis.  However, given the volume of incoming data over each port I am concerned the frequency of interrupts for each byte could be too much.  My understanding of using the DMA would help for only two ports.  Does anyone have a suggestion how to handle receiving a high volume of data from all of the UART ports and not get bogged down by too many interrupts? 

Would switching to the STM32F2x series allow me to use DMA to a FIFO on all five UARTS?