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STE100P Register dump

Question asked by f.a on Sep 28, 2011

I have got the address of the PHY on my board. The address is 7. Now the STM32 is able to communicate with the PHY. But the collision led is still blinking after the initialization.

Here is the register dump:

0    - 0x1000
1    - 0x7849
2    - 0x1c04
3    - 0x0011
4    - 0x05E1
5    - 0x81E1
6    - 0x09

17   - 0x0200
18   - 0
19   - 0x01c0

Could somebody explain which conditions are responsible for collisions? Maybe it will make it easier to solve the problem. I'm despaired because I have bought the reva stm32 board just for the ethernet project and couldn't know that they are no ethernet examples on the CD :(