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Leave DFU mode error

Question asked by chada.niraj on Sep 22, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2011 by Tormod
Hi all,
      I am using DfuSe demo (v3.0.0) to communicate with the board STM3220G-eval. I am willing to test, understand and confirm the leave DFU sequence.

     So I press the button "Leave DFU Mode" on the DfuSe and i can see the process happening in the progress bar upto 49% completion, but then i received an "unexpected error" and cant leave the DFU mode.

     There are no issues with communication otherwise. I am able to load the binary into the flash and verify it successfully.

     The problem seems to occurring consistently at 49% completion. I also tested on different computers but on all computers i receive the same "unexpected error" at 49%.

      Have anybody seen this kind of behavior earlier? My goal is simply to leave the DFU mode using DfuSe utility. Can somebody please guide me to achieve my goal?