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STM32 P107 Olimex and RTX Keil kernel

Question asked by rodriguey.pablo on Sep 19, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2011 by rodriguey.pablo
Hi everybody,

I really hope you can give me a help with the following question:
I have an Olimex STM32 P107 board and I want to use the RTX Kernel from Keil using the uVision compiler. The problem is the PHY Controller, a STE101P, for which there is no driver provided in  the ARM Keil compiler package.  From the Olimex site I can download a driver, but this is used along with uIP stack and IAR compiler. I checked some similar driver in the Keil directory from other manufacturers, but I couldn't find any similar. Porting the driver is not an easy task. First, I would like to get any tips from you, otherwise I have to dig into the code and see how much I can do. Thanks in advance,