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DFU with the MCBSTM32E from Keil

Question asked by dubdidu.mathias on Sep 15, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2011 by dubdidu.mathias

Hi everybody,

i have here an MCBSTM32E and i want to upgrade its Firmware via USB.
So i found the DFU example from ST and tried to load it to the board, it worked.
But i have some trouble with switching between DFU and Usermode. As i have seen in the example from ST there is the function DFU_Button_Read() called but what button is this on the MCBSTM32E?
I also tried to define a own Button but with no success.

I also have some general questions about DFU:
Have i understood right that at for example adress 0x8000000 starts the DFU programm and when the button is pressed the programm will jump to 0x8003000 where the User programm is located.
With the DfuSe i only write the programm to 0x8003000 and dont change the DFU programm at the beginning?

Hope you can help me and understand my horrible english ^^

Thanks and regards