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Failure to launch

Question asked by PGMsince78 on Sep 6, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by PGMsince78

I just received a new board (new design, just powered) that is using an STM32F102C6 processor. The tools are IAR 6.21 for development and a J-Link-ARM for JTAG.

The sample startup code from IAR (which uses the standard peripheral library V2.0.1from ST) is setting the Base address for the RCC peripheral to 0x40021000 which seems correct. In debug mode, the peripheral library uses a structure to overlay the RCC registers. The pointer to the structure seems correct as stated. However, the Watch listing in IAR shows all zeros for the RCC registers.
As expected, the HSIRDY bit is never found and the ClkInit() function hangs.

The download to flash seems to work correctly, the debugger breaks at the main() function, and the program can be stepped.
What could be happening that could create these symptoms? It's as though the peripheral registers are located somewhere else.

Thanks in advance for for answers, more questions, or even suggested targeted reading.