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STM32F207 and internal USB phy

Question asked by catoire.axel on Sep 6, 2011
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I am working on a STM32F207 micro controller on a personal Borad.
I use 2 USB
 - A usb OTG on internal phy of pin PA9, PA10, PA12 andPA13 with a mini AB connector
   This is the same use onthe eval board
 - A usb Host on the second internal phy onpin PB13, PB14, and PB15 on a classic A connector
   This is not thesame use than the eval board where ST use an ULPI external phy
I ported the MSC host example codefrom V2.0.0/ 22-July-2011

If I use an adaptator for mini AB to A for my USB key everything works on the first USB.
On the second usb the enumeration is OK but the programm is locked when it try to explore the disk.

I use the compilation option USE_USB_OTG_HS and USE_EMBEDDED_PHY

Is it possible that there is a mistake on the USB driver because this phy can not be tested on the eval board ?
Does anyone have succefuly use this internal phy ?