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STM32F103ze Eval Board

Question asked by sg.shrinath on Sep 6, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2011 by sg.shrinath
I need to use Ext SRAM in my application.In order to understand how to initialize and use it for read/write, I went through the Data sheet as well created a project from the sample code provided for SRAM under folder called FSMC under Keil/arm/example/ST/STM32F10xFWLib/Example/FSMC
However this program does not run though no compilation error.
In debug mode on tracing, when it is inside FSMC_SRAM_WriteBuffer any write to Ext SRAM displays no permission to write in the command window (similar if I try read to verify data written, shows no permission to read message).Went through the code it appears to have all initialization required for the control bits and timing register.Can some one let me know what changes to be done in which file?