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DMA to SPI NDTR Problem

Question asked by wilczewski.jeffrey on Sep 1, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2011 by wilczewski.jeffrey
I'm noticing a strange issue when I enable a DMA stream to SPI where the NDTR register changes from my value to 0xFFFF.

Below is a code snippet for the DMA transfer function:

    //Setup DMA for TX
    DMA2_S3PAR = 0x4001300C;
    DMA2_S3M0AR = (uint32)&tx_pkt->preamble;
    DMA2_S3NDTR = tx_pkt->length + CC1120_TX_PKT_OVERHEAD;
    //Enable DMA stream
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.EN = 0;
    while( DMA2_S3CR_bit.EN != 0 );
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.EN = 1;
    SPI1_CR2_bit.TXDMAEN = 1; ***As soon as I execute this the NDTR register changes to 0xFFFF

I have confirmed that the NDTR register for the stream is correctly loaded with my length value, but when I enable TXDMA in the SPI peripheral for some reason the NDTR register is set to 0xFFFF.  The DMA stream does work, and I can see the correct SPI TX data, but since the NDTR is changed to 0xFFFF the length of the stream is incorrect.

Has anyone seen this behavior before?

Also for reference below is my DMA stream init routine:

void stm32_dma2_ch3_init( void )
    //SPI1 TX - DMA2 Stream3 Channel3
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.EN = 0;
    while( DMA2_S3CR_bit.EN != 0 );
    //Enable DMA2 clock
    RCC_AHB1ENR_bit.DMA2EN = 1;
    //DMA Channel3
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.CHSEL = 3;
    //Highest Priority
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.PL = 3;
    //Memory and Peripheral Data Size 8-bit
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.MSIZE = 0;
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.PSIZE = 0;
    //Memory increment mode + 1
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.MINC = 1;
    //Peripheral increment mode fixed
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.PINC = 0;
    //Data transfer direction, Memory to Peripheral
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.DIR = 1;
    //Peripheral Flow Control - The peripheral is the flow controller
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.PFCTRL = 1;
    //Transfer Complete Interrupt Enable
    DMA2_S3CR_bit.TCIE = 1;
    //Enable DMA2 interrupts ( NVIC_DMA2_CH3 = 59 )
    SETENA1_bit.SETENA59 = 1;