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STM32W108 program an infinite loop

Question asked by Gavin.L on Aug 22, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2011 by Gavin.L
      Hello, everyone, I want to ask a question about STM32W108 I according tothe official schematics for the design (in some places has been modified).STM32W108 chip pin is 40, but with RF4CE firmware library, but to which the programming procedure, into an assertion that the program is always a function, and ultimately into an infinite loop, I do not know why. Errors appear here: halInit ()----> halPowerUp ();----> halInternalInitAdc (); ----> stCalibrateVref (); ----> halCommonGetMfgToken (& biasTrim, TOKEN_MFG_ANALOG_TRIM_BOTH);, to here the next sentence assertionfunction: if (biasTrim.auxadc == 0xFFFF) {assert (FALSE);} will loop on the inside, and I do not know 
typedef struct {
   int16u iffilterH;
   int16u biasmaster;
   int16u moddac;
   int16u auxadc;
   int16u caladc;
} TokTypeMfgAnalogueTrimBoth;
I do not know where the error causes this result, and who can help me? Thank you!