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USB Mass storage - using ST Mass_Storage example code

Question asked by lake.michael.001 on Aug 15, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2011 by lake.michael.001

I'm trying to implement USB mass storage and mass storage bootloader on STM32F103RBT but ...

I have a problem with the adapted the code from STM32_USB-FS-Device_Lib_V3.3.0 Mass_Storage example.

The ISTR_RESET interrupt is received (MASS_Reset() gets called) when I connect the USB cable to a host PC but no other USB interrupts take place.

I think that the code is correctly implemented:

- Peripiheral clock is enabled and Interrupts are enabled
- USB clock initialised to 1.5 of system clock of 72Mhz (checked that sys clock is 72Mhz)

The startup code calls the following routines:

  Set_USBClock();  //USB clock setup
  USB_Interrupts_Config();  /NVIC setup

Has anyone implemented USB mass storage successfully? What interrupts would you expect to receive after ISTR_RESET?