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[STM32F2xx] Usage of SYSCFG_MEMRMP?

Question asked by Legrand.Thomas.001 on Aug 12, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 12, 2011 by Legrand.Thomas.001

I'm trying to figure out the production process of my product and I cannot understand how the SYSCFG_MEMRMP bits work.

Is it possible (and how) to put the boot pins physically (via pu/pd res) to boot the builtin bootloader, use this bootloader to program my own bootloader, and add some code in my own bootloader to disable the built-in bootloader (and additionnaly enter ReadOut Protection, at least level 1) ?

This way we could plug empty boards to USART 1 (I use it for PC communication too in the application), and do the whole programming process without the need for an another programming port.