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Core is locked-up (IAR + JLINK)

Question asked by Nolly on Aug 10, 2011

I got this error when I enter into a debug session using IAR 6.21 and a JLINK debug probe.
I can read the memory, it seems that the protection bytes (options bytes at 0x1FFF F800) are not in "protected mode" but i cannot changes them "on the fly" or even start the debug session, I got this error :

"Core is locked-up"

I'm not even sure I can program the memory, I thinks IAR not really program it.
I have also tried the "unlock" procedure from ST (seen in the PM0075 programming manual) but I can't changes the data into memory.

I add that the original source code was build under the 4.42 version and i load the workspace into the 6.21 version of IAR.

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