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STM3210C_Eval VCP_Demo project failure to open comport

Question asked by b.julian on Aug 6, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 30, 2011 by sinha.vikas
Hi seems I am haveing problem no body ever had before!!!
Using board STM3210C_EVAL , Compiling VCP Demo project for STM3210C_EVAL board (no modifications made to originaly downloaded code)
Latest driver for Virtual comport is installed
Problem looks same on  5 PC running XP and Vista
Problem looks like this!!!
a) Plugging USB cable to PC.
b) Virtual com port detected and all is fine in device manager and com port is open with no problem.
 com port can be open and closed as many times as needed until  microcontroler reset or usb cable disconnect and reconnect.
a) After disconnect of usb cable or and reconnect  
b) port is detected  and displayed in device manager
all apears to be normal  but opening com port returns error
and it will be not possible to open port until  next reset or usb cable plug unplug