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STM3220G-EVAL I2C demo software

Question asked by gustafson.gus on Aug 6, 2011
I am trying to get the EEPROM I2C demo for the STM3220G-EVAL kit to work.  I am using the IAR toolset.  It compiles without error, and loads onto the demo board and runs to the point of displaying "Communication Error" on the screen of the board.  Tracking things with the debugger and watching what happens to the I2C bus with a scope, I see that it sets up the buss, transmits the slave address and both bytes of the address within the EE and then sets up to send a bunch of data via DMA.  The DMA part only sends a single byte, and of course the main thread times out.  Has someone else tried this and had it work?  The eval board is just as it came out of the box, I have not changed any jumpers or modified the demo software.  Is there something I am missing here?