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STM32 True Studio Issue

Question asked by schmidt.reiner on Aug 5, 2011
I have been working with true studio for a while. I have mostly done small projects that do not require a large amount of include files. Currently however i have been working on a larger project (an MP3 player to be exact). This project has a large amount of include files (297 files in 28 folders). When i am building the project it is always giving me errors where it cant find a given file <lcd.c> for example. These files are in this project and if i reference then properly <D:\Directory\lcd.c this error goes away.

Is it possible for me not to have to go through 297 files and type in the paths manually. All of the files needed for the build are located in <scs>. I have tried copying and pasting the files manualy into the folder, and i have also tried to import the files. Neither of these options have worked.

Any help would be great Thanks!