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Unexpected step change in LPS25H Pressure

Question asked by koleszar.luke on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by Muhuho.Adalberto
I'm using the LPS25H pressure sensor and have noticed a strange stairstep behavior where one LPS25H seems to 
step or jump 10-20 Pa for several minutes to a few hours, then jumps back.  This behavior is quite different
from the normal RMS noise from sample to sample.  I first noticed this when running several sensors sitting on
the same desk over a weekend using the other sensors as a reference.  Note that step seems be some kind of fixed
offset since the relative pressure changes during the step does track with the other sensors.
I have also see nthis behavior when doing a temperature sweep.  In certain temperature bands the reading jumps 
out of the background atmospheric pressure trend, then snaps back when the temperature changes.  In particular
below 10C and a band around 20C.

Is this behavior expected?  I could expect some dift with temperature, but I would expect it to be more gradual.

- Luke