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FSMC Extended Modes of operation

Question asked by halherta on Jul 31, 2011
I'm trying to understand how I can get the FSMC to work with an TFT LCD. I looked at AN2790 and based on my understanding, it uses a modeB operating mode and disables extended mode. but the FSMC appnote AN2784 says that if Extended mode is disabled, modes A,B,C and D are not available. only modes 1 and 2.

p.FSMC_AccessMode = FSMC_AccessMode_B;
FSMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FSMC_ExtendedMode = FSMC_ExtendedMode_Disable;

In the TFT LCD direct-drive appnote AN3241, it says that the FSMC is in Mode1 and extended mode is disabled for that particular LCD which is fine. But in the source code initialization it uses ModeA and extended mode is disabled.

p.FSMC_AccessMode = FSMC_AccessMode_A;
FSMC_NORSRAMInitStructure.FSMC_ExtendedMode = FSMC_ExtendedMode_Disable;

A closer look at the Peripheral library reveals that there is not FSMC_AccessMode_1 or  FSMC_AccessMode_2 defines in the peripheral Lib. My guess is when using FSMC_AccessMode_A and FSMC_ExtendedMode_Disable, We are really using Mode 1 and when using FSMC_AccessMode_B and  FSMC_ExtendedMode_Disable, we are really using extended mode 2. Can someone shed some light on this? 

Thanks in advance