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Best way to acquire Accelerometer data from STEVAL-MKI122V1(LSM330DLC)...

Question asked by jemmott.quinn on Feb 27, 2014
I am using an Aardvark SPI/I2C USB adapter and a Labview VI I have written to acquire accelerometer data from the STEVAL-MKI122V1(LSM330DLC).  I am noticing at an output data rate of 1Hz, the OUT_X_L_A, OUT_X_H_A, OUT_Y_L_A, OUT_Y_H_A, OUT_Z_L_A, and OUT_Z_H_A registers do not update at the same rate.  There are times when the X and Y Axis registers update and the Z Axis registers remain the same and vice versa. 

What is the best way to acquire accelerometer sensor data and ensure the desired output data rate stays intact without using the FIFO?  Or is the FIFO the best way to go?