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Defining GPIO ports as inputs

Question asked by hopkins.john on Jul 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2011 by burkhart.thomas
Hi there, I am fairly new to programming these chips, I am currently coding using the IAR Embedded Workspace and loading my program onto an STM32F100 LQFP48 chip.

Currently I have pins PB8, PB9, PB10, PB11, PB12, PA11, PA12, PB15 set up as outputs which power 8 LED's. 

I am using to of the outputs to control a small DC motor using a H-Bridge. In order to control the movement of my DC motor I have a couple of micro-switches which limit the rotation of my motor. I need my program to be able to respond to signals from these micro-switches which requires defining some of my GPIO's on my chip as inputs. 

I have a small PCB board for programming my chip and there are lots of test pins which I could solder onto, many of these are GPIO's such as PB0-PB2, presumably these would be fine. 

Any help would be seriously appreciated.