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STM32 USB DFU and User application

Question asked by dumas.jerome on Jul 21, 2011
Hi All
I'm trying to develop a new firmware using USB DFU as well as USB MIDI class.
I'm using IAR EWARM, compiling for STM32L152

I downloaded the DFU project from ST libraries, and I have a couple of questions regarding this USB DFU demo project.

1) According to the UM0424 app note , the DFU project has to be located in the first 48  pages of the ST32ML memory, configured as read only, while the other 464 pages are reserved to the user application

0x800 0000 -> 0x8002FFFF : DFU code
0x803 0000 -> End of Flash : User application

According to the above, I was expecting to find in the demo project a linker map file specifying to link the DFU code in the range 0x800 0000 -> 0x8002FFFF, so we are sure the linker will not locate the DFU code in the user application area.
Unfortunately the linker map file specifies the whole Flash area 0x800 0000 -> 0x801 FFFF as the available memory space.

> Where am I wrong ? What I missed ?

2) From what I understand, I have to create 2 IAR projects, one for the DFU stuff, another IAR project for my user application, with different linker map files (that do not overlap each other), could you please confirm ?

Any tips, answers would be greatly appreciated !