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USB HID on STM32 CL and MD

Question asked by pachocki.michal on Jul 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2011 by pachocki.michal

I'm stucked at programming a USB. Based on ST USB Library and sample project (Custom HID) i've created an program that send to PC data in report of size 10 bytes. So i changed an description of usb (in usb_desc.c) lines (101, 112 and 226 line) commented as:

/*     REPORT_SIZE             */ and /* wMaxPacketSize*/

On STM Eval B it's works fine. I have bigger packet size, but when i recompile code and run it on STM Eval C with STM32F107 my packet are still 2 bytes length as in example.

Could anyone can help me? Maybe provide USB HID code for a CL processors?

best regards