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STM32CubeMX as Eclipse plugin on Linux 64 machine

Question asked by Scott Yanke on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2018 by wolfgang wayalnd
I was able to download and install the STM32CubeMX plugin from ST ( into my Eclipse 64-bit Kepler SR-1 software on a Linux 64-bit machine.  Opening the perspective created a problem - An internal error of "../plugins/ not found" message came up.  Looking through the jar files in the zip file, it appears that only Windows dlls (32 and 64) can be found in the projectmanager directory of the plugin.

The slightly older version of microxplorer (pre-STM32CubeMX) dated from Sept 2013 was able to run, in it's own limited way, without hitting this type of error.

Was Linux just overlooked with this plugin, or is it really just for Windows only?