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Virtual COM port (USB CDC) example - ... Endpoints? _SOLVED but SEVERE MISTAKE in RL-USB!

Question asked by ColdWeather on Jul 9, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2011 by PICguy

I've adjusted the Virtual Com Port example from the
FS USB Library V3.2.1/V3.3.0 to my needs on

It works.

As a preparation to merge USB CDC and Mass Storage
(suggestions and solutions are welcome!) I'm trying now
first to "move" the COM communication to the endpoints
4,5 and 6 instead of the origin 1,2 and 3 in the example.

It does not work.

Exactly, the Virtual COM does appear under Win7
(endpoint 0 is untouched) but no communication

I think I've missed some substitution or misunderstood
the allocation of the endpoints.

Could anyone share with me a kind of check list, what
changes/substitutions should be made to the application
part of the USB library (usb_conf.h, usb_desc (.h, .c),
usb_prop (.h, .c), usb_endp.c, usb_istr (.h,.c) and
usb_pwr (.h, .c)
) to get the communication over
EP4, EP5 and EP6?