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Any good (In depth) STM32 I/O tutorials?

Question asked by rossi.alexander on Jun 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2011 by Andrew Neil
I've built a gas turbine engine, which currently runs on a variety of manual valves/switches to run. What i want to do is to install solenoids into my fuel rings/pump supply, and relays on the switches controlling my oil and fuel pumps as well as put pressure/temperature sensors around to read in data about the engine. Eventually, once i get all the bugs out of the reduction gearbox, this will be a generator, so i'd like for everything to be 'digitalized'. 

That all being said, I have a STM32 discovery board and can upload programs to it just fine, but was wondering if there were in-depth tutorials on the stm32 chip regarding I/O. For example, in this case, i would like a pushbutton to trigger a relay to open a valve, or if a temperature sensor was reading too high to cut the fuel pump, or if the oil pressure sensor reads too high, then slow down the PWM to the pump motor... stuff like that. I'm a student studying computer science, so i have a slight grasp of C, and have done some assembly, but this isn't getting me too many places. 

Thanks for any help!