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RTC prescaler load register is always to default on RESET?

Question asked by ColdWeather on Jun 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2011 by ColdWeather

I have: a STM32F103RC, a fresh 3V Li BATT, a 32.768kHz crystal and my own RTC support library. I works, but...

The manual RM0008 (Doc ID 13902 Rev 11), page 454, says:

If the input clock frequency (fRTCCLK) is 32.768 kHz, write 7FFFh in this register to get a signal period of 1 second.

So I do this but I noticed, the RTC_PRL register became 8000h (its default reset value) every time I started debugging as if it were not in the back up domain!

Any ideas?