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STM32L152 - Stop Mode not working when using RTC Wakup

Question asked by CrashAndBurn on Jun 18, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2016 by boussery.jonas
just expierenced some strange problem. My app should go to Stop Mode and wake up when a signal on an EXTI line is detected or every 10s by RTC wakeup.
Without the RTC wakeup everything works fine, but when I activate the RTC wakeup, the PWR_EnterSTOPMode() seems to have no effect at all.

Code looks basically like this (LSE is used as RTC source, controller is running on MSI @2Mhz):
  SysTick_Config (2000000 / 100); // approx 10ms interrupt

  PWR_EnterSTOPMode(PWR_Regulator_LowPower, PWR_STOPEntry_WFI);

When I remove RTC_WakeUpCmd(ENABLE); everything is OK, Stop Mode is working, power consumption is approx 1.4uA.

Any ideas... what am I doing wrong?? I already tried inserting PWR_ClearFlag(PWR_FLAG_WU); before entering stop mode, just to be sure. No success.

Thanks in advance,

One additional note: Just took the code and loaded it (after some minor adaptions) on a STM32F205 - No problems there, everything works as it should.