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Timer4 trigger for ADC

Question asked by Stuart on Jun 15, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2015 by Clive One
Using STM32F103.
I want to use the external trigger mode of the ADC to start a regular group of channels (in dual, simultaneous mode) via the TIM4 CC4 Event.
The examples that ST provide illustrate using TIM1 CC1 event using a pwm OUTPUT channel to trigger the ADC.
I wish to trigger my regular channels via INPUT capture on TIM4 channel4. Is this possible?
The documentation seems to suggest so.
I have tried using a basic example, but to no avail. The TIMER4 input capture event occurs, but doesn't trigger the ADC. I can manually trigger the ADC via software, so am not sure what could be wrong.
Is there some trick that I am missing here? Is there an example someone could send me?
Also note that I am doing a full remapping TIMER 4 pins.
I'm using my own code - not using the library, so have not got any code to fully illustrate this yet, sorry.
Any ideas would be most welcome.