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Corrupt varible within an Interrupt on STM32F103ZET6

Question asked by radyk.chris on Jun 6, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2011 by radyk.chris
I have a variable that is not appears to not being retrieved consistantly from within an interrupt.

 I have the following code for the Timer3, which is configure to interrupt on a count down timer.

unsigned int errorCount;

void TIM3_IRQHandler(void)
  static volatile unsigned int pwm_on = 0;

  if (TIM3->SR & 0x0001)      //Check interrupt source
    TIM3->SR &= ~0x0001;    //Clear UIF Flag

  if (((pwm_on) && ((GPIOC->ODR & 0x0001) == 0)) ||
      ((pwm_on  == 0) && (GPIOC->ODR & 0x0001)))

    if (pwm_on)
         GPIOC->ODR &= ~0x0001;
         pwm_on = 0;
         GPIOC->ODR |= 0x0001;
         pwm_on = 1;

The problem is that errorCount is not zero.  This interrupt operates about 7000 times per second, and in that time we get an error count of 7 - 15 times.  I am using this interrupt to toggle a pwm pin and it affects my device. 

If I toggle the pin directly like
GPIOC-> ^= 0x0001;
then everything is fine.

The only reason this could occur is if pwm_on was getting corrupted or was not being retrieved. 

I'm really stumped.

Any help would  be appreciated.