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Scanf with Nucleo-F401RE & STM Eclipse C IDE

Question asked by Helms.Kai on Nov 25, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by Andrei Chichak
first i have to say, i´m a bloody Beginner with C and STM.
Never the less, i have the following problem.
I just want do make it possible to communicate with Terminal (Putty, Terra Term,...).
Printf seems to work, there is a good example in Cubemx.
But scanf is not working. Whatever i try, my program is not able to process the input. As well at the Terminal there is no input seen unless i activate "local echo" at the terminal.
I have tried different example code, sometimes the programm stucks in my while loop and is waiting for an input. And without while loop, the input is skipped.
I´m nearly sure this depends on Getchar_Prototype but for me, it is still not clear what i have to do.
Maybe someone could help or knows some good online Tutorials/Books.
Thanks Kai