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Quad i2s ADC on STM32F4

Question asked by Clovis on Nov 22, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 23, 2016 by Clovis
Hello Everyone !

My first project on STM32 is to make a NUCLEO shield to record four analogue signals :
  • Dual stereo codec ADAU1979 for 16-bit 44.1 kHz samplig
  • microSD slot for PCM logging using FatFS, communication via 4-bit SDIO (spi is too bandwidth limited)
  • micro USB to retrieve PCM files from microSD card (USB-MSD

I have chosen the NUCLEO-F401RE because it was the only available development kit that can have CubeMX HAL initializations for both USB, i2s, i2c and SDIO.

The problem is that the ADAU has two stereo i2s outputs. The only available i2s in Cube MX is i2s(2), because i2s(3) pins are occupied by SDIO.

  1. Is this project feasible to you ?
  3. Shall I use two i2s ? or adding an additional pin to i2s(2) is possible ?
  5. If I have to use i2s(3), can I change the SDIO pins ir these are specific pins ?