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Trying to make a USB HID mouse from cube mx

Question asked by lucrst on Nov 21, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by lucrst

i have tryed to make working an usb hid mouse program (simulating mouse move) from cubemx: usb_otg_fs
folowing youtube stm sample:

my platform is STM32F746DISCO
cubemx 1.5.1

i have also added blinking led: this part is working, the usb part don't do anything, the mouse isn't view when i connect it on the PC (no enumeration) and of course no mouse movement

i have tryed to add # USE_USB_FS in the Precompiler but nothing more!

then i tryed other platform stm32f3 disco and stm32f4disco and it's working!

could you help me please i am out of idea.