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USB communication on Nucleo-64 STM32F401RE

Question asked by Berkovich.nir on Nov 16, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2016 by Berkovich.nir

Currently I implemented SPI communication to external device using Nucleo-64 stm32f401RE.
SPI implementation is based on Bit banding and not the HW SPI.
Clk rate is ~3.2MHz

Since the Nucleo-64 is used to communicate to the PC by serial communication max baud rate is 115200.
Device is used for Automatic test environment and suppose to support high speed communication with PC.

write command time from PC to device and ACK recieved back to PC is ~4ms.
read command time from PC to device and DATA recieved back to PC is ~5ms.

Is there any option to use a USB communication instead of serial to have faster command time???
if not how can I improve my code to support faster reply to PC.
As far as I understand the bottle neck is the data back to the PC.

Thank you for your help.
Code attached.