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STM32469I-EVAL DSI read

Question asked by thiery.louis on Nov 11, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2016 by thiery.louis

I am trying to test the DSI HAL but am having trouble making the read function work on the LCD screen included in the kit.

Here is my attempt to execute a get_address_mode request.

HAL_StatusTypeDef status = HAL_DSI_Read(&hdsi_eval, (uint32_t) 0, read, 1, DSI_DCS_SHORT_PKT_READ, 0x0BU, 0x0U);
       printf("Read 0x0B: 0x%x\r\n", read[0]);
  else if(status == HAL_TIMEOUT){
       printf("HAL Timeout\r\n");
       printf("HAL Error\r\n");

According to the DSI spec, I can do this command at any point, whether the device is sleeping or not. I've made sure to do it before the default code puts the LCD in write to GRAM mode and always get a timeout.

Has anyone gotten the DSI read code to work?