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Nucleo-F767ZI and Ethernet with lwIP

Question asked by gryo on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2016 by gryo
hi everybody, i was trying to set up an udp echo client by looking at the examples for the other boards provided in the F7 firmware package, after using CubeMX to initialize my board for Ethernet (in RMII mode) and lwIP.

I've basically ported what i've seen in the other examples to my System Workbench project, everything compiles fine and run smooth (it never gets stuck into some initializations).
But for some reason i can't send anything to the udp server i've set up with echotool and also i can't even ping my board.

I was also searching for clues on the forum too, and i've seen there may be some issues with the RMII on this board (i have Revision B).
So i wanted to ask: is it actually this board malfunction that makes me unable to communicate with my pc? or is it something more code related?
Let me know if attaching the whole project can be useful to receive some more detailed help.

Thanks in advance.