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NUCLEO L152RE Hardware version

Question asked by carbone.fabio on Oct 27, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2016 by carbone.fabio
I have three Nucleo-L152RE Board with this features:
- Board 1 and Board 2:  STM32L152RET6GH23W, Hardware version: MB1136 C-02
- Board 3: STM32L152RET6GH245, Hardware version: MB1136 C-03

I made a program that use RTC to wake up the system from Stop Mode every 10 sec.
I use LSI as RTC clock source. 
And HSI as System Clock Source.

The program works only with the Board 3. How this is possible?
What's the difference between board with different Hardware version and micro with the last 5 number different? 

I use System Workbench and Windows