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Mikroe MINI-M4 with GCC

Question asked by peter on Oct 21, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2016 by peter

I recently bought a Mikroe M4 developement board with a STM32F415RG to test the embedded crypto. The devboard manufacturer only gives support for his own proprietory C compiler, so I'm currently figuring out on my own how to get GCC with Visual GDB to work.
The compilation runs through without any problems, but the uploaded code doesn't run on the device. I guess its because of the bootloader which only allows a clock rate of 120Mhz (informations are rare for this board), since I have no debugger my capabilities are limited.

At first I tried the Visual GDB example blink code with support for the given mcu, but nothing happened on the device.

At the moment I'm trying my luck with the STM32 Cube to get the desired 120Mhz (Current config: Screenshot), again the compilation runs fine but the code doesn't work on the device. I just imported the settings with Visual GDB and added a simple LED test (Source). Because this is my first stm32 I have no further ideas.

thanks for any help