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STM32303E-EVAL STEVAL-IPM15B ST motor control workbench

Question asked by sebo.marto on Oct 19, 2016

I want to spin my PMSM motor with STM32303E-EVAL. I am using STEVAL IPM15B board as a power stage. I have downloaded latest STM Motor control PMSM FOC library v4.2 with STM Motor control Workbench.

I have found an example project in this package. I was able to open it, able to generate "data" structures for project. I compiled the project and I downloaded the project into target (I use IAR with ST-Link as a debugger).

But the problem is .... I am not able to establisch communication between the hardware and ST Motor Control Workbench. I use Profilic USB to RS232 converter. Is it OK not to use "standard" USB - RS232 converter? In user guide , there is recommended to use "null modem" USB-RS232 converter.  

I tried to change the baudrate of communication. 115200 is set as default in ST Motor Control Workbench. What is the correct baudrate?

There is some possibilities to setup communication properties in ST Motor Control Workbench in User Interface Add-On "tab". What is the correct option for serial communication?

Thank you for help in advance