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SensorTile Programming Error with Expansion Cradle and Nucleo STM32F401RE Board

Question asked by Stark on Oct 14, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2018 by Shadab Zafar
        I am doing Bluetooth programming on ST SensorTile Expansion Board. I need a help to reflash demo version in sensor tile. I have downloaded expansion board library files but it only has Data Logger and Audio LoopBack programs. I tried to run BLE expansion board programs on SensorTile, it programmed successfully but did not work. Could you please help me, where can I get SensorTile demo program? Please let me know if you need more input. 

Apart from running factory demo version program again, I have few more problems.
Yesterday, I run successfully Audio Loop Example of SensorTile after that I tried to burn Bluetooth expansion board example on SensorTile which flashed successfully but did not work. I think burning that example creates another problem on SensorTile. Now I am unable to run AudioLoop example of SensorTile even though it is flashing successfully.  
Something Strange is happening here. I have erased full chip but it is still sending TimeStamp to the TeraTerm Terminal. Please help me to find out what is wrong here. 

IMG_20161014_121509.jpgAudio Loops.png